Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity, the Universal Principle of Harmony


Are you inspired to contribute to the promotion

of the principle of Unity in Diversity ? Then you may:


- Embrace this principle with heart and deed. Being a good example is the best way of teaching. Learn about the ways how to properly contemplate Unity in Diversity internally and how to employ it externally in your daily life.

- Tell others about Unity in Diversity .

- Give your friends a copy of the ebook Unity in Diversity.

- Share contents of the book and links to this website with your friends.

- Link your own website with this website and inspire your friends to do the same.

- Post on social networks like facebook.

- State Unity in Diversity as your favoured philosophy in your profiles of facebook, gmail, etc. Include a link to our website.

- Help translating the book Unity in Diversity into other languages.

- Be creative! Come up with your own ideas how to promote Unity in Diversity and let us know about them.

 - Make a donation to help funding research and supporting the promotion of Unity in Diversity.